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Google Classroom

Guides for using Google Classroom.

Accessing Google Classroom

Sign into Google Classroom with a desktop browser

  1. Use a modern browser in Windows, MacOS or Linux
  2. Browse to your DoE Portal
  3. Sign in with your department credentials
  4. Select Google G Suite from the Learning box at the right
  5. Choose Classroom from the list of apps

Accessing Google Classroom using mobile Apps

  1. Multiple G Suite apps are needed - see below for links.
  2. Install the four correct apps to your device
  3. Open Google Drive and sign in with your DoE GOOGLE account and choose Next.
  4. The DoE log on screen will appear. Sign in with your normal department credentials
  5. Once signed in all four Google G Suite apps will be ready for use!

G Suite Apps
Google Drive iOS Android
Google Docs iOS Android
Google Slides iOS Android
Google Classroom iOS Android

Signing into Google and joining a classroom

Accessing the stream, engaging in posts and answering questions

Uploading classwork and assessment tasks