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All students at Greystanes High School are required to wear full and correct uniform.

For purchasing information see our Uniform shop.

Boys uniform

  • Long or short mid grey school trousers (serge or drill) with fly. No corduroy or external side pockets
  • Shorts are not to be longer than knee length
  • Plain white ankle length socks

Girls uniform

  • Bottle green gabardine school skirt
  • Bottle green school shorts or slacks
  • Plain white ankle length socks
  • Beige or tan pantyhose (optional)

All pupils 

  • Black lace-up leather school shoes with black laces and leather tongue
  • A full leather shoe is an Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) requirement under federal legislation
  • The welt and all surfaces must be completely black
  • White skivvy (under shirt if needed)
  • Bottle green pullover or sloppy joe with school badge
  • Green school jackets (optional)
  • Tie (optional) – only to be worn with button through shirt
  • Plain black or Greystanes cap (optional)
  • Black school scarf

Shirts for Years 7 to 10

An 'ice' button through shirt with school badge available from the school uniform shop.

Years 11 and 12

White regulation button through shirt (short or long sleeves) with school transfer on pocket.

Note: school representatives at official events are required to wear the formal blazer, button through shirt and tie. The blazer and tie may be borrowed from the school wardrobe or can be purchased through the school.

Physical education and sport uniform for all pupils

  • Black Greystanes sports shorts – green, white and black Greystanes t-shirt, sports shoes and white socks
  • Plain black or Greystanes cap (compulsory)
  • Plain black tracksuit pants permitted in winter for both boys and girls

Note: The sport uniform may be worn to and from school on a Wednesday in place of the normal school uniform. Students are not permitted to mix and match. 

Jewellery and body piercing

No differentiation is made between male and female students with respect to the wearing of jewellery or of body piercing.

The whole issue of enhancement to personal appearance using jewellery, body piercing and other adornments is a matter on which there is a huge range of public opinion.

Rather than make definitive rules with regard to all aspects of these matters the school council, parents and citizens' association (P&C) and school staff endorse the following guidelines.


  • Jewellery is not permitted to be worn at sport, industrial arts, physical education classes, or in any other class where the teacher believes a safety or hygiene issue exists.
  • The wearing of jewellery, use of body piercing and jewellery used with body piercing, or the use of other adornments must not detract from the wearing of school uniform or be of such size or construction or be placed in such a manner as to create a potential safety risk for either the wearer or others.
  • Students may wear small unobtrusive items that do not detract from the wearing of school uniform or present a potential safety risk.
  • Large chunky or brightly coloured items are not permitted.  
  • The risk to safety resulting from body piercing and the use of jewellery will be determined based on the location of the piercing and the size and construction of the jewellery.

As these matters are so open to personal interpretation the school council, the P&C association and the school staff endorse the school principal or nominee to be the final and sole judge in the interpreting of these guidelines.

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